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What do you think of my 2016 Journey? (in my gallery)
I didn't get much feedback and it would be nice to receive some!
Sorry for no holiday orientated drawings, as I am just too busy with family time to keep up with the christmas craze!
Do you guys like my new color palette over the old one?
I think it looks quite nice, but I've been the only person to use the (old) brownish one. Shrugs 
I've been experimenting with story boarding lately... as looking at the original storyboards, and I was wondering if I ever made one or a 'comic' what should it be about?
I'll leave that to you.
The vocabulary of the zootopian world is very confusing, and believe me...
I've read too much Zootopia comic's... and to me their vocabulary to some extent is just ALL WRONG. (for my personal perspective)
This will pretty much be like a dictionary, adding new word's over time that I stumble upon as useful and even YOU helping along with the idea.
(if this isn't ignored to death)

SO, without being said...
here are some of the word's and phrases I've come up with;

-Person/People; a mammal or living being with a conscious mind and complex thinking.

-Coat; a layer of soft fur around bare skin which help's the likeness of warmth to some mammal's

-Zootopia; a city located in Zoo York, USA with a population reaching around 243 million mammal's with biosphere's of the Terra(Central City), snow (Tundra Town), dry (Sahara Square), and wet (Rain-forest District)  theme's. The city was established as a way of peace among all mammal's who chose to unite in order for a better future, in the year 0 B.Z. (Before Zootopia)

-Furry; covered with fur

-Predator; (taken out for specist reasons)

-Prey; (taken out for specist reasons)

-Specist; the act of discrimination upon a individual who has certain weaknesses linked to their species.
COMMON ACT: Vulpes Vulpes (The Red Fox) - A sly, vicious, meat eating creature who enjoys the "hustling" of others. (Population; 128 million worldwide)
COMMON ACT: Lagomorpha Leporidae (The Rabbit) - a cute, small, plant eating creature who enjoys mating. (Population; 7.8 billion worldwide)

-Hustle; 1. scamming one for their valuables, 2. teasing one for their valuables

-Child; a common name to refer to a young calf, cub, pup, colt, filly, foal, kit, etc... in a broad demographic

-Hands; a common name to refer to someone's paws, claws, hooves, etc... in a broad demographic

-Hide; the skin of a large animal, such as a horse, cow, or elephant.

-Idiot; 1. a person who lack's intelligence 2. the person who made this "dictionary"

This might be a small list of word's but I can't really think of anything else at the top of my head... Which is why I need YOU to help! And you can help me improve these word's as well if I'm really that much of a "-Idiot, 2." Or you can not help me at all! That's fine... completely fine...                     please help.


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United States
I hate shading.


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What's up? You still alive?
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I like your style, keep it up! :)
IneedtostopNOW Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! My style was VERY influenced by Cory Loftis, the lead art director for Zootopia.
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